Ask Shila: Scoliosis

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By Shila Tirabassi

Scoliosis is prevalent in about 60% of the population. Although we are constantly “pulling up” dancers are not exempt from the compressive, rotational force that scoliosis can have. A dancer with scoliosis must address it daily with stretching, breathing, and strengthening. Watch these videos for ideas of where your scoliosis may stem from and work with your body to keep it as neutral as possible. For instance, stand at the mirror for your next class and determine if one hip has to hike in order to close into fith, if your shoulders are level, or if your head always tilts. I remember once I noticed that I could only see one of my ears which then led me to realize my head was always rotated! Compensations come in many forms, so listen, look, and feel your way to a neutral spine.

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(Photo credit: Taylor Golat)

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