Carbs & Leotards: Introducing Jackie



  Salutations fellow dancers, artists, college folk, or those that are just super intrigued by the blogs of the unknown and infamous. My name is Jaclyn Weber, but I've been called Jackie since about the second grade so we'll just go with that. I'm Jackie and I'm a senior BFA Dance Major at The University of South Florida in Tampa. This column is dedicated to the daily struggle that every college level dancer who wasn't exactly Paris Opera material (which I have certain feelings about) faces. As you'll read in future posts, I'll be ranting and raving about the stress of having a paper due as well as the laughs alongside intense and beautiful work done in rehearsals. Mostly, you'll just come to know the very sarcastic and humorous side of me that I think I have. On a very serious note, (these may or may not be few, I'm no psychic) This column will serve to convey what being a dance major really requires, causes, and makes you figure out about yourself. It's rough enough in the present day economy to find a job in the States, let alone a job where you make most of your dough dancing. And yes, I've heard it before: "You're a dance major? What even is that? What's your second major?" and for those of us who seriously doubt their ability to handle a second major the next response is usually "What's your minor then?" and responding with "No no, no minor just a full force dance major" usually sets ablaze the urge for whoever this schmo is to tell you to seriously reconsider your choices and try to do something that will allow you to live in this world. Yeah. Thanks buddy.   I had no idea that dancers don't make a lot of money and jobs are scarce. All I do is play music in a studio and see how high I can lift my leg before it hurts. I had no idea that my choice of study was going to put me in a position in where I may or may not have a job straight out of graduation. You've really enlightened me. I'll cherish your words forever. We've ALL heard that. ALL OF US HAVE HEARD IT. This is no guess it is fact. And to be perfectly honest, there are moments where I do question it. Where I truly wonder if this is what I should be doing. And to everyone that believes that I shouldn't: I CURSE YOU WITH THE WRATH OF A THOUSAND FENDUS.....on releve`. This major and this path that I've put myself on has shown me more of who I am than I ever would have imagined possible. It had changed my mind, opened it, closed it, twisted it, and basically just straight up f****d it. (That's mostly thanks to a modern professor of mine, Andee Scott who I'm sure will come up in an entry very often.) Without this art form that I have chosen to practice, because this was indeed a choice, I would have never been exposed to the beauty of concert dance, the drama of Balanchine, the grotesque and eeriness of Butoh, the grandeur of Paris, my love for comedy, my ability to do things my own way, and the loyalty I have for others, and myself. I respect anyone who can successfully make it in this dancer eat dancer world we live in, and for those trying, use your plie`,and always remember "an honest life is full of rejection." Thanks Andee Scott, you're right once again.