Carbs & Leotards: Back to the Daily Grind

By Jackie Weber

It would appear that summer has come to a close. The bikinis are returning to the top drawer, the pencil cases are being refilled, and the decision of whether or not to take that dreadful 8 AM course or end your day on a god-awful note with a 6 PM class is waning on you. It’s a sad but true reality, we must set our minds back into beast mode, and for those of you that are also dance majors, the sore muscles are about to return and the blisters on those feet that haven’t seen a pointe shoe in months will form once again. School is back in session my friends, and while you still may be belting out Alice Cooper’s famous contribution to rockers and students alike, I’m afraid that the ballad must come to an end. If you’re in need of some advice on how to tackle these back-to-school blues, well I’m here to provide some of my views on the subject. In list form no less.


  1. Get yo shit together. On the real, start packing your stuff up. If you’re going to ballet class like myself, pack your dance bag ahead of time. I’m always that girl- the one who’s asking for a band aid, or scissors, or “oh wait can I borrow your tennis ball when you’re done?” Yeah. That girl gets annoying. I mean I’m annoyed with myself when I do things like that. So to prevent self hatred, this semester I will be prepared. Watch out fellow classmates, you won’t be providing me with all of our supplies this year.
  2. Write down your goals. We’ve all got goals and I've found that the easiest way for me to accomplish these goals is to be bombarded with the sight of them each morning. So I have invested in a dry erase marker and chosen to write them on my bathroom mirror. Ain’t no avoiding that thing. I’m way less likely to stray from the path to success if my destination is staring me right in the face. 
  3. Get a planner. No excuses, they give them out in the Marshall Center y’all. Keeping track of rehearsals, when papers are due, current events, not so current events, birthdays (those are important), what have you…it’s a lot easier to do when you see in written down in the span of a week and in relation to other events themselves. 
  4. Community calendars are fun. They really are. And if you’re unfamiliar, a community calendar is one that you hang in the living space for you and your roommate(s) to share. Our previous one was provided by the lovely Laura Mobley, thanks Magooch. They really do help to keep everyone in apartment/dorm in sync in terms of carpooling, when people will be in and out of your home, and when to plan special gatherings. It sounds lame, but trust me writing a whole bunch of stuff down and then going back and reminiscing through the months is way more entertaining than you think. 
  5. DO NOT STRESS. Take it from a frequent stresser, it sucks, and gets you nowhere. Everyone is just as nervous and probably just as unorganized as you are. I might be the only one truly unorganized at this point but whatever. Make going back to school more positive than negative. Sure your free time is getting smaller, but being busy and accomplishing lots of tasks provides one with a confidence and morale boost. 
  6. Breathe. In and out. 
  7. Sleep the night before. This needs no explanation. Just sleep and be rested before the first day kicks your ass.
  8. Smile. Everyone likes a smiling face. And it makes it much easier to get through a first day if you choose to be happy about it. Make someone laugh. I promise that’s the absolute best way to make yourself happy. I mean that might just be me but I refuse to believe that I’m the only one who could gain joy from it.


It’s going to be okay my friends. We will all board and depart from the struggle bus together. Accompany the toughness of the first day back with your own mental toughness. Be a badass. Show those plié`s who’s boss. Kick the crap out of that grand battement. Whip that bun right and left in those chaines turns. “Spotting can make or break you.” Relate accomplishment with how much you sweat. The more the merrier. We will rise above this fateful day the same way we always do. Seriously, it’s not like we’ve never encountered a first day of school before. Remember to support your classmates too; we’re all in this together. So just say it with me my readers, “BRING IT ON, CUZ WE DA BOMB.COM”