Carbs & Leotards: Tech Week

By Jackie Weber

10 Signs It’s Tech Week in the Dance Department

You may have noticed a change in the air and a change in the spirit of the dancers around you. While some may attribute it to the weather, here’s the real reason everyone seems on edge and narcoleptic. 

  1. Everyone is sleeping in the hallway. You walk into the building and it seems as if the three good fairies have cast another sleeping spell, only this time, the curse is lifted when the show is over.
  2. There are coffee cups everywhere. We’re all too tired to throw our trash away and the only fluids entering our bodies are caffeinated. 
  3. No one has time to “hang out.” The only thing hanging out will be our torsos in a nice hamstring stretch.
  4. All dancers turn into fashion designers. We all have that one costume where the shorts are too tight, the skirt is too long, or the color is “just not flattering with my skin tone.”
  5. The cars in our parking lot don’t move for a solid 12 hours. Anyone attempting to park in our spaces better just back up and move to the garage nearby. We gon’ be here awhile.
  6. Tennis balls mysteriously go missing Amber Alert! Tennis balls are like children to us at this point in time. 
  7. Extra homework? How about No. Any teacher that assigns extra work the week before or the week of the show has a secret wish to be ignored and shunned. Shout out to Pr. Ying Zhu for giving us a lighter load. Much appreciated from your darling seniors!
  8. You start seeing photos of Jessica Stroh everywhere. Embrace it Stroh, you’re the poster child of our department. Congrats on your solid streak of making it onto the Fall Dance Concert Advertisements!
  9. The amount of emails about scheduling is mind shattering. Too many. My phone will crash quicker than I will.
  10. Everyone suddenly loses all skin pigment. Tis’ the season to be a vampire, and all dancers in this department fall victim to lack of Vitamin D.

So if you’re concerned for the artist who seems slightly depressed, agitated, or just plain tired, know that it is the cause of an incredible performance coming your way. Show the support for our struggle and attend a mind-blowing night of culture. The Fall Dance Concert is November 6-9 and 12-15. If you care, you’ll come.

Don’t worry dancers, after a show comes a cast party.