NewGrounds Festival Concert

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By Alberto Piedra

By Alberto Piedra

The NewGrounds Festival was back in full force this past week beginning its 13th year since the creation of the festival. Over time things change, little nuances are altered to fit the generation of dancers and choreographers that take part in the festival. The Festival is produced by Moving Currents Dance Collective and is hosted by the University of South Florida school of theatre and dance. I had the opportunity to watch the concert that showcased many of the up and coming choreographers in the Tampa Bay community and beyond.

Whenever I have the opportunity to view choreography I tend to put my mind to think of what state of mind was the choreographer in when they created a piece. Dance is a universal language, and with that, there comes universal emotions and feelings that lead to the creation of inspirational work. The opening piece, M​emory Lines,​was choreographed in a collaborative effort between dancers from Moving Currents, Forever Moving, Tampa Bay Professional Dance Artists, and Philip Shore Elementary Magnet School of the Arts. This piece was a stand alone piece from the rest of the concert. There is a case that dance performers have a certain life line before their bodies simply do not have the capacity to take the stress of performing consistently. Now, that arguments varies when you incorporate the style of dance. My point is, there was a beauty to watching this piece for the reason that we had people from many different backgrounds and ages that the fusion of dancers created something beautiful to watch. What I saw were people doing something that brought them enjoyment. That basic reason was enough to make the piece a joy to witness.

The rest of the showcased many University of South Florida alumni from the School of Theatre and Dance, and in ways it was a homecoming for those dancers to showcase what they have done since they have graduated and gone on to other projects. There were also recent graduates such as, Taylor Golat and Sarah Walston, who performed pieces created during their time at USF that really brought a collective “Yaaaass” from the audience. By the end of the evening the audience had witnessed great up and coming art and the show of gratitude was apparent in the level of sound coming from the applause. While summer may be a sort of quiet time around USF there is still plenty of events in the summer to keep the yearning for more to be seen in the community. Next up is the Florida Dance Festival and the opportunities for more growth and euphoria awaits.