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Bates x2

Twins Angie and Maria attend Bates Dance Festival in Maine. While on their journey these lovely ladies share a couple of observations with us.

Post #1: One Week Down

One week down we can't believe it. We can honestly say already how amazing this festival is and we weren't expecting it at all. We live in a house called the small house and everyone here is over 21 so we call it the nursing home and we've all become so close! It's been awesome living with all of them and we're having so much fun. This festival is beyond incredible, Bates has so much to offer a creative mind. The classes are fun and challenging and the teachers are just so talented. The versatility is great, from Pilates to Dance on film, to Tai chi. It's easy to become overwhelmed with all the opportunities we have, but we're taking it all in, as much as is physically and mentally possible! We also have contact jams which are really great. Everyone is together contact improving and completely opening up to one another in the best way we know how. Standing back watching is such a beautiful sight and we can't help but repeat to ourselves how lucky we are to be in this field and be able to express ourselves in the most beautiful and fulfilling way. Everyday, every class, every conversation we are so inspired. This is what we live for. :))

Post #2: Inspired

 Well it's the middle of the middle. Wednesdays seem to be the worst. All the exhaustion and pain seems to catch up on us on Wednesday lol. Thankfully we have a very skilled osteopath here who takes classes with everyone and gives free sessions whenever needed. So naturally he is constantly working. The campus here is actually very beautiful, all the trees and buildings are gorgeous and walking to all our classes turns out to be extremely relaxing. Also, not having a car isn't as hard as I thought it would be!

Something else about BDF that we've come to really love is the informal show and tell performances by BDF faculty and guest artists. They invite everyone to watch excerpts of solos or company pieces and give descriptions, background and discuss the creative processes. It's beautiful to hear their stories and get invited into their creative minds. Everyday we are learning something new and exciting and I keep using the word inspired but I can't seem to find a better word to describe the feeling! That's the beauty of dance intensives like this one, it provides the best environment to share your passion, learn from everything and everyone, challenge yourself and grow in a communal yet intimate setting! Although we would be lying if we said we didn't miss our mom, aunt and dog :)

Post #3: Overwhelmed With Brilliance

Bates Dance Festival is not simply a place to learn and grow as an artist/dancer, but a environment that provides that opportunities to become aware, knowledgable, and wise within our craft.

Here at BDF, this week we have been overwhelmed with brilliance, outstanding performances, master classes/workshops and of course harmless fun! 

On Thursday the twins took a business in dance class and it was full of useful, and applicable information. Information and knowledge that we can apply to not only dance but personal life as well. It taught us about resumes, profit and jobs but also about how to understand and believe that we are in this field because we live it, love it, were born to do it, and therefor must "make a need for you!" 

We create the life we have. So why not create something worthwhile. 

Apart from the amazing business class we also have seen numerous performances this week that have been breathtaking! Pieces created by choreographers and filled with artists from all over the world who are ecstatic to be performing here at BDF. Dancers from Armenia and Turkey are in collaboration with David Dorfman Dance, duets and solos presented from outstanding choreographers, and new works being created here, are all what make up a few of the amazing opportunities and showcases being held here these few weeks. 

The amount of talent, joy and openness on this campus currently is something the world needs more of. Every single person is willing to open themselves up not only via artistic expression but also through simple and meaningful conversation. 

The dance world may be small, but it is wonderful. 

BDF is proving to be of one the most liberating experiences of our lives and as much as we miss home and our Tampa dance family, our  hearts and bodies are not ready to leave Maine.

Post #4: Never Goodbye

  As maria and I sit at the airport unable to get back home, we can't help but realize how we still are not ready to leave New England. Maine has treated us so amazing and BDF showed us a world that has a huge place in our hearts now.

During the final dance party last night, a crowded room of excited dancers moved all night to music that brought both sweat down our bodies but also tears down our face. Saying goodbye is never easy. But we never imagined it would be this hard. 

"Never goodbye, only see you later!" 

So many beautiful, talented, inspiring and genuine people impacted our lives during these short 3 weeks more then we can explain. The world would be a better place if it was full of the love we received at BDF from not only the dancers but the faculty and staff as well. 

Even though our hearts hurt from goodbyes they have never felt so full. Full of life, full of new friendships, and full of love. We without a doubt will someday return to Bates and highly recommend everyone to go at least once. You will not leave without feeling amazing, inspired, connected and fulfilled in every way possible. BDF was everything we expected and so much more. Thank you God and everyone else who helped us get here and live this experience. 

"We are better together"

BDF 2014